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Jean-Jacques Bouillet

Certified Patent Agent

Jean-Jacques Bouillet


56 Boulevard Niels Bohr
69100 Villeurbanne, France
+33 (0)6 33 53 14 98

Based in Lyon, Jean-Jacques Bouillet is a certified patent agent with BCF Global. BCF’s European arm has been specialising in intellectual property since 2019.

An engineer by training, Jean-Jacques assists businesses, universities, and individuals seeking to establish, manage, and enhance their intellectual property rights, primarily regarding patents. He works with clients who specialise in physics, mechanics, information technology, signal processing, and electronics.

He has a great deal of experience in the field of law and technology. Among other things, he assists several corporations in the medical device field, representing them in proceedings of all kinds before the National Institute of Industrial Property and the European Patent Office.

Jean Jacques is regularly sought after by investors to complete portfolio reviews in the framework of fundraising activities, initial public offerings, and patent portfolio repurchases.

Jean-Jacques is a great teacher and listener, and he uses these skills to educate our clients about the various aspects of his profession, allowing them to understand the issues they are dealing with. Accordingly, he is able to assist them more effectively regarding the implementation of intellectual property strategies that meet their expectations and enhancing the value of their intangible assets. He also leads training sessions at a school and in business environments.

After practising with a leading industrial property consulting firm in France for 12 years, Jean-Jacques created his own industrial property consulting firm in 2015.

  • European Patent Agent (2010)
  • Industrial Property Counsel (2010)
  • CEIPI Diploma in Patents and Trademarks, Université Robert Schuman, Strasbourg, France (2006)
  • ESCPE Engineer, special focus on Electronics, Signal Processing, and Information Technology, Lyon, France (2002)
  • Drafting, filing, and prosecuting patent applications for our clients that specialise in health technology (medical treatment, acquisition, and diagnostic devices), information technology (signal production, processing, and transmission), electronics and mechanics;
  • Implementing intellectual property asset protection and enhancement strategies;
  • Providing advice and assistance regarding licence negotiations and other agreements between parties;
  • Evaluation of intellectual property assets (representing the buyer) and preparation of intellectual property assets (representing the seller) as part of due diligence;
  • Analysis of intellectual property assets in the context of financing and investment;
  • Helping start-ups devise strategies to protect their intellectual property assets;
  • Analysis of patentability;
  • Analysis of freedom to operate;
  • Planning and preparing intellectual property assets in an initial public offering;
  • Oppositions and disputes.
  • European Patent Institute
  • European Patent Office
  • Member of the Compagnie nationale des conseils en propriété industrielle
  • Member of the AIPPI and GRAPI