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News of the Firm Sep 30, 2020

Shaun E. Finn and Danielle Miller Olofsson Publish a Unique Practical Handbook on Privacy and Data-Protection Class Actions

Shaun E. Finn, Litigation Partner at BCF, and Danielle Miller Olofsson, Chief Access to Information and Privacy Officer at Hydro-Québec have authored a book for Thomson Reuters entitled Privacy and Data-Protection Class Actions in Canada: A Practical Handbook, which addresses privacy and data-protection class actions in Canada.

The growing availability of data mining equipment and the importance of big data have made companies increasingly vulnerable to privacy breaches and to resulting class actions that can have a detrimental impact on share value, reputation, brand quality, and customer or client relations.

The only publication of its kind, Privacy and Data-Protection Class Actions in Canada: A Practical Handbook offers a comprehensive analysis of civil and common law legislation and case law throughout the country.

This publication explores the intersection between privacy, data protection, and class actions. Readers are given a better understanding of the substantive and procedural requirements of this recourse, as well as useful guidance on best practices and on what arguments can be raised to contest such a proceeding. In this book, Shaun E. Finn and Danielle Miller Olofsson:

  • summarize the relevant legislation and case law on privacy and data-protection class actions;
  • provide concrete guidance on best practices; and
  • identify emerging trends, among other things.

While the book places both privacy and class actions in a larger context, its focus is on the practical and procedural steps that can be taken to mitigate and defend against such actions.

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